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Landlord Insurance

Our specialist landlord insurance gets you £50,000 loss of rent income as standard

You'll also get a 5% discount if you buy online too*

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Landlord Insurance Provider LV= Direct Line  Saga More Than Axa 
Level of cover used for comparison Landlord insurance Landlord insurance Landlord insurance Residential insurance  Landlord insurance
Buildings accidental damage Standard Optional Standard Standard Optional
Loss of rent £50,000 Optional  20% of buildings sum insured Optional Optional
Property owner's liability** £5 million £2 million £2 million £2 million £1 million
Theft by tenants cover Standard Optional Standard Standard Standard
Vandalism by tenants cover Standard Optional Standard Standard Standard
Contents accidental damage Standard Optional Standard Standard Optional
Legal Expenses Optional Optional Standard No cover No cover
 Rent Guarantee   No cover Optional  No cover No cover No cover

Landlord insurance FAQs

What factors affect our landlord insurance quote prices?

Sometimes the cheapest landlord insurance isn’t the right home insurance. Lots of things can influence the price you pay, here’s what we look at:

There are seven main factors that affect the landlord insurance price we're able to give you:

  • The post code of your property. Typically, if your property is in an area which is prone to flooding, you may be more likely to make a claim
  • The type of tenancy you have. We'll take into account information relating to the type of tenancy you have. 
  • The type of building you own. The more rooms and bedrooms in your property, the higher the cost will be to re-build your home or replace your belongings
  • The costs of repair and labour. It’s getting more expensive to fix hi-tech items, which can increase the cost of landlord insurance.
  • Government initiatives. Changes introduced by the government can sometimes have an effect on your landlord insurance price. For example, the Flood Re scheme, introduced in 2016, is designed to help people living in flood-risk areas.
  • The number of claims being made. If the number goes up, due to things like extreme weather events, this could mean the costs to insure your property could go up.
  • Severe weather. We assess the likelihood of severe weather conditions happening in the future and how many of our customers may be affected.


To find out more about these factors, read our guide to how we work out the cost of landlord insurance.


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The UK’s landlords are spending more than £600 million on maintaining properties that could be reimbursed through insurance

UK landlords are spending over £600 million in fees that could be reimbursed through insurance

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